September 2004

The Salsaförening will hold a short Salsa Practica/Salsa workshop at Hemgården.

Salsa invades the Palace Nightclub this evening, as Norrköping Kulturnatt will once again resound to the salsa rhytm.

Free entrance for members of the Salsaförening.

Salsa this september will be filled with events.

Since the salsa evening on the 3rd at Platå has been cancelled, the Salsaförening will instead be arranging an extra salsa practica at Globen. The programme as usual starts at 8:00 pm and continues to 11:00 pm. Everyone’s welcome (as usual).
Regular Salsa Practicas will also be starting up this month; on the 10th in Norrköping (Hemgården) and on the 17th in Linköping.

Finally, the 25th of September is Kulturnatten in Norrköping. This year, the Salsaförening will be present at Hemgården starting at 18:00 with a salsa workshop/salsa practica.

From approximately 20:00 and until around 23:00, there will be Salsa at Palace Nightclub in Norrköping on the lower dance floor. There will also be a salsa dance show with Katarina Perea from Stockholm/Norrköping.

After 23:00 the club will continue the evening with regular disco (with a latin flavor). For this night, members of Östergötlands Salsaförening will have FREE entrance at Palace all night, so don’t forget to bring your membership cards.

A busy month of Salsa is coming up. See you on the dance floor.


Östergötlands Salsaförening

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