March 2005

Vi har lyckats få hit salsainstruktörer från Los Angeles!! De kommer att hålla en tvådagars workshop i världsklass den 16-17 april. Läs mer under “read more”…

För detaljer kring anmälan klicka här: Östgöta Salsa Weekend

This April, the Salsaförening is pleased to be able to invite all of you to an extraordinary salsa event; a two day workshop in L.A.-Style Salsa with world class instructors direct from Los Angeles.

Enio Cordoba and Olivia Dasso!

Who is Enio Cordoba?

A World Championship Latin and Swing dancer in his day, Enio Cordoba is a winner of the US Latin Championship (as an Amateur) and the World Swing Championship (Cabaret Division), US Pro/Amateur Championship, US Rising Star Championship as well as several US State Championships as a Professional. He also competed twice at the World Championships (reaching the quarterfinals).

Since retiring from competitive dancing, he has three times won the Feather Award (the Oscars of the Dancing World) - twice as the Hottest Mambo Dancer(1992 and 1993), and once as the Best Dance Teacher (1991). During the late 90s, he taught at all of the biggest dance congresses in the world. Many of the most renowned salsa teachers in the world today have been taught by Enio Cordoba.

Among his other merits, he has choreographed many of the best professional Ice Skating couples in the world, including two World Championship winning couples. He also choreographed for the 1998 salsa movie “Dance with Me” (he and many of his top students also appear in the dance scenes of the movie).

Today, Enio is the director of the hottest dance club in Los Angeles - “The Granada” - as well as owner of the biggest dance studio in the region: “Let’s Dance, LA” with over a 1000 students. Due to the many commitments with his dance studio and club, Enio rarely travels these days, which makes his visit with us in Linköping a once in a lifetime opportunity you do not want to miss.

Who is Olivia Dasso?

A junior US Open Swing Champion (at the age of 14), Olivia Dasso burst into the limelight in 1999 when she, together with Johnny Vasquez, completely dominated the Los Angeles salsa scene winning the Club Mayan World Championship in 1999, and the LA Sportmens Lodge Championship in 1999 & 2000.

After a break from competitive dancing (while she became a mother and worked as director for several Dance Groups), she returned to competitive dancing last year, taking a third LA Sportmens Lodge Championship title in 2004 to hold her impressive record of never having been defeated in a Salsa Championship. Today, she teaches at Enio’s dance studio (Let’s Dance, LA) and is considered one of the best Lady Stylists in the World.

We have the pleasure of hosting these two dancers for an entire weekend, during which they will be teaching 8 classes of L.A. Style Salsa over two days from April 16-17.

Who can benefit from the Workshop?

As a teacher, Enio focuses heavily on leading and following techniques for L.A. Style Speed Salsa, and as a result the classes will be well suited to most levels of dancers. However, please note that the workshop is primarily directed at the intermediate level dancer. A good understanding of the salsa beat, and being able to lead and follow cross-body leads with inside turns is a basic prerequisite.


(Landerydsgården i Hjulsbro (Linköping) - directions to come):
10:00-11:00 LA Speed Salsa 1
11:15-12:15 LA Speed Salsa 2
12:15-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 LA Speed Salsa 3
15:15-16:15 LA Speed Salsa 4

Saturday Evening: Salsa Party (place to be decided)

(Landerydsgården i Hjulsbro (Linköping) - directions to come):
10:00-11:00 Lady Styling 2 (Olivia Dasso)
10:00-11:00 Men’s Styling 2 (Enio Cordoba)
11:15-12:15 Lady Styling 2 (Olivia Dasso)
11:15-12:15 Men’s Styling 2 (Enio Cordoba)
12:15-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 LA Speed Salsa 5
15:15-16:15 LA Speed Salsa 6

Signing up for the Workshop

You can sign up for the workshop by paying the workshop fee on the Salsaförenings Postgiro: 116800-4
Do not forget to write your Name, and whether you intend to participate Saturday/Sunday/Both Days.
If you have questions, contact the Salsaförening treasurer, Andreas Daitey on E-Mail or by phone: 0733-123260.
It is permitted to come to the workshop and pay at the door, but in that case we can not guarantee entry, as there is only limited space.

Workshop Fees
Members of Östergötlands Salsaförening:
600 SEK for both days. One Day: 400 SEK.
750 SEK for both days. One Day: 500 SEK.

Visitors from outside Östergötland are recommended to contact the Salsaförening by E-Mail before signing up, for information on lodgings and discounts.

Välkomna till Salsa Party på Platå! Vi drar igång klockan 20:00 och håller på till 23:00. Vi kommer också se en oförglömlig show med våra salsainstruktörer från Los Angeles, Enio Cordoba och Olivia Dasso!!

Inträde: 80 Kr (för medlemmar i ÖSF 60:-).

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