Monday, March 20th, 2006

Here comes a condensed update on the salsa events in the coming fortnight 21/3 — 4/4:

Friday 24/3, 19-01: Party at L’Orient, Linköping
Sunday 26/3, 19-22: Practica, Norrköping
Monday 27/3, 19-24: Party at L’Orient, Linköping
Saturday 1/4, 16-01: Linköping Jazz & Blues Festival (Rico Suave Salsa band)
Sunday 2/4, 19-22: Practica, Norrköping

Please check out our calendar at for more details and late changes.

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Welcome to a new salsa party at L’Orient!

Following the success of the autumn we will keep on having salsa parties
every Monday on L’Orient during the whole spring. The concept is the same
as before, i.e. we start with a beginners introductory course between
19-20 and then go on with salsa party 20-24. There might also be a course
at a more advanced level, but this will be especially notified every time
that happens (for instance as a comment to this announcement). This means
that the details are:

What: Intro-course + salsa party
Where: L’Orient, Drottningg. 18, Linköping
When: Course 19-20, Party 20-24
Price: Course 35 kr, Party 50/60 kr (members/non-members)
Questions: 013-14 95 95

If you have time to put some posters that would be great, it can be downloaded here.


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