Lucia Salsa Theme Party at L’Orient!

Get inspired by Lucia and dress-up, be creative, and dance. On this special evening beginners level 1 and 2 course participants pay entry of 40 SEK with coupon. Ask your salsa instructor for coupons (available from Monday Nov 27).

L’Orient is the place for salsa in Linköping, every monday it features drop-in classes and salsa dancing until midnight. Classes start at 19.00 and are taught by Robert & Hanna at the beginners level, and the intermediate level classes are with varying teachers every week

Drop-in Salsa Classes:

  • Beginners class with Robert & Hanna, 19 - 20 (35:-)
  • Intermediate class with Predrag & Miriana, 19 - 20 (35:-)

Non-stop Salsa 20 - 24, 50/60:- (members/non-members)

L’Orient, Drottningg. 18, Linköping. Questions: 013-14 95 95