As our tradition propose, we will have a Christmas Buffet and Salsa dancing on Dec 16, 17 - 23. This is really a great opportunity to meet all salseros and salseras and not only dance salsa! The event takes place at Globenteatern, Snickaregatan 2, Linköping. (Alcoholic beverages are not allowed)

Everybody is invited, but to participate in the christmas dinner you have to register (More details below). You will be asked to prepare and bring food for about 50 SEK. We meet at 17 to prepare and then dine from 18 until 20.

Salsa dancing will begin at 20 and the cover charge is 40 SEK, diners and ÖSF members have free entry.

As a special promotion, become a member for 2007 at a cost of 100 SEK and get in for free! Member benefits are free practicas, discounts at L’Orient and free cloak room service at Harrys, and more. You are also helping us to provide you with up-to-date information on salsa events in Östergötland.

  • Christmas Buffet (Knytkalas) 17-20. Register before Dec 12
  • Salsa Dancing 20-23, no registration required

Register to this event by sending an email to Specify “X-mas Salsa Signup” in the subject. To ensure we don’t all end up with meatballs and ham only, you will be requested to choose dishes from a list. List will be posted here soon. In the mean time, feel free to propose your desired dish.

Merry Christmas and welcome!