A whole-day with salsa and tango for all!

During the day there will be intensive courses for both beginners and intermediate/advanced in both salsa and tango. During the night there will be parties at two parallel dance-floors, with a live band!

The intermediate/advanced salsa-courses have the following schedule:
11.00-12.15 Partner-work
12.15-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.45 Bachata
15.00-16.15 Lady’s styling
15.00-16.15 Men’s styling

The teachers for the intermediate/advanced are Camilla and Carlitos, who are a new exciting teaching couple, with a unique styling incorporating influences from for instance streetfunk and house. Costs: 100 (one lession), 180 (two lessons), 250 (three lessons). Parallel to this there will be intensive introductions in salsa (with Eddie), and an advanced tango-class with Henrik Ulvdahl and Gunilla Rydén from Copenhagen/Stockholm. There will also be an intentensive introduction to salsa in the same times:

11.00-12.15 LA Style intro 1
12.15-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.45 LA Style intro 2
15.00-16.15 LA Style intro 3

These courses come as one package, which costs 150 kronor. Teacher: Eddie.

The two parallel parties are between 20-01, there is a drop-in course 19-20, and the tango party will have a live band. The parties costs 100 kr. All activities occur at Ljungstedska skolan.

Signing up for courses is done via Dansarna.se at the following link (scroll down and click on “Anmälan”).