Friday, November 20th, 2009

Höstfest med latin flavour!
Succèn fortsätter på Miami Mango Club / Palace Norrköping

Kvällen startar med en Salsakurs 22:30 (salsahuset)
Salsashow av Salsahuset!
Live på scen: MELAO som är Sveriges hetaste latin coverband gästar oss!
2 dansgolv: Salsa Mango Bar & Caribbean Night
Dj LeBrown från Carribean Soun…d spinnar en massa HITS!

Video on screen, tropiska drinkar, fina presenter från våra sponsorer (Mazzage & Flygcompaniet)

Welcome to Miami!
18 år leg.
30 kr innan 23:30

Here are some of the latest news and “don’t miss”-info about the big salsa-, tango-, and lindy event on Saturday 21/11:

- This event is the biggest one ever in Linköping for these dances, with parties on three different dance floors, TWO live-bands, numerous shows, and multiple parallel courses - this is extraordinary even with international measures!

- The two intermediate courses in salsa between 10-12.30 with Hanna Julinder. For those of you who don’t know, Hanna is (together with her partner Robert), the one who has teached the most advanced courses in Linköping, before she left for New York a few years ago. While in New York she learned from some of the world’s best salsa-dancers, and this is one of the few chances to take a class for her nowadays - don’t miss!

- There are intensive introductions in both salsa (11-16) and tango (14-16.30). Sign-up for courses at

- Lindy is now confirmed, and there will also be shows on their dance floor (jam session)

- The salsa floor this time will be in a nicely decorated room (Svarta Ladan), with lot’s of decorating lights and interiors and - most importantly - a live-band (Lost in Latin), and shows starting already at 20.30

- All three dances have introductory courses 19-20

- We have alcohol licence, and a cafeteria, which will be manned and open the whole evening

- There are only very few open spots left for those of you who want to get a free pass by helping out 2×30 min. Contact Jenny Gustavsson in that case: 0708-810779

- A summary in Swedish with all times, links, and other information is available here

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