Salsa Party at L’Orient!

L’Orient is the place for salsa in Linköping, every monday it features drop-in classes and salsa dancing until midnight. Classes start at 19.00 and are taught by varying teachers every week

Drop-in Salsa Classes, 19 - 20

  • Beginners class with Vlad.
  • Intermediate class with Susanna Strömberg.

Non-stop Salsa 20 - 24

Members of ÖSF get a discount on the entrance-fee. It’s possible to become a member of ÖSF at the door. Prices below are for members/non-members.
Class: 35/55:-
Class + Party: 55/75:-

L’Orient, Drottningg. 18, Linköping. Questions: 013-14 95 95 013-14 95 95


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