Hi all,

This spring, we want to try something new for the Salsa Practicas at Hemgården in Norrköping.

The purpose of the Salsa Practica is to give people an opportunity to meet other salsa dancers and practice your dancing in a relaxed atmosphere. Up until recently, this has not been possible in Norrköping, but for the next 10 weeks (starting this week) we will be trying a little experiment, and holding a Salsa Practica each week.

Place: Hemgården, Saltängsgatan 7, Norrköping
Time: Every Sunday, from 19:00 to around 22:00.
Cost: 20 Kr for members of the Salsaförening, 30 Kr for others. The fee goes to cover the cost of renting of the dance floor.

There will most often be an advanced dancer on hand at the Practica, to take care of the music, and to provide advice/help if wanted.

We hope those of you who live in Norrköping will take advantage of this offer of a place to practice your dancing.


Michael A.
On behalf of Östergötlands Salsaförening