Hej alla salsadansare,

det är dags för salsadans på Harry’s i Linköping igen! Den första fredagen i varje månad spelar vi salsa mellan 20 och 23. Nybörjarkurs ges mellan 19.30 och 20. The music is usually mixed with a few merengues and a couple of Ruedas are most likely called for.

Date: 2 June, 2006
Salsa party: 20-23
Beginners class: 19.30-20 (20:-)
Free entrance before 21 and Harry’s usual cover after 21 (60:-).
Cloak-room: 20:-, free for members of ÖSF - show your member card.

After 23 they will play the usual dance music and Harry’s is open until 3 am.

Market this event by printing and posting this poster.

See you on the dance floor!

ÖSF / Patric