Salsakväll på Harry’s i Linköping! Mellan 20 och 23 spelar vi salsa på dansgolvet en trappa ner varvat med en del merengue o s v. Nybörjarkurs ges mellan 19.30 och 20. Efter 23 fortsätter Harrys med sin vanliga nattklubb fram till 03.00.

Salsaevening at Harrys in Linköping. We will play salsa on the lower dancefloor between 20 and 23, mixed with a few merengues a s o. There is an introduction class for beginners 19.30-20.00. After 23 they will play the usual dance music and Harry’s is open until 3 am.

Date: June 1, 2007
Salsa party: 20-23
Beginners class: 19.30-20, with Jakob & Jenny (20:-)
Free entrance before 21 and Harry’s usual cover after 21.
Cloak-room: 20:-, free for members of ÖSF - show your member card.

See you on the dance floor!