Hello all,

Some important info regarding the Susana Montero Event! First, the weekend has focus on ladies, but the last workshop on Saturday is a spinning class (veeeery useful for the guys as well) and the two workshops on Sunday are partnerwork - we need you there guys!

The workshop will start att 11:00 on Saturday, not as announced 10:45. This is due to connections from Norrköping. We will remind you of this in an email when we come closer to the event.

We have decided to go all in at the Salsa Party at Harrys on Friday, the day before the Workshop. There will be no other salsa parties that weekend.

Finally - you have to pay your attendence fee (if you haven’t already) to get you application valid. Do this ASAP.

Salsa hugs from your Workshop Provider - Predrag :-)

P.S. There is still a large unbalance on the Partnerwork Sessions - c’mon guys, there are ladies waiting for you!