On November 21, we will arrange a big dance-day with tango, salsa (and probably also lindy) and there are good reasons to believe that it will become the biggest such event in Linköping’s dance history!

- During the day, there will be courses with intensive introductions and intermediate/advanced levels in the different dances

- During the night there will be dance on three different dance-floors (tango, salsa, lindy)

- There will be TWO LIVE-BANDS (salsa: Lost in Latin, tango: Tango Indigo from Copenhagen)

- There will also be shows and live-performances, and other events during the evening

We had a similar event in smaller scale two weeks ago, and would like suggestions on how to improve things compare to that (light will be better, salsa will be in a bigger location). If you were there, please answer these 4 questions:

Also, please come to our planning meeting on Wednesday 11/11, 18.00 at Medborgarskolan, Hospitalstorget 1, Linköping - and join our growing group of people to make this a truly memorable dance-day!

Welcome to this exciting event!
Gunnar, Eddie, and Eva-Lena
for Östergötlands Salsaförening, Dansarna.se, and Tango de la Plata
(more info at: http://www.ostgotasalsa.se/?m=20091121; courses: http://www.dansarna.se/Default.aspx?associationId=1dd2c029-9e33-412a-8047-7215a2cd07d0&EventId=f2cb0c99-2820-4ed6-8a38-ef73018346aa)