Everyone is welcome to Elsas House on thursdays 19 to 21 to practice Salsa. The practice is arranged as study circle (Studie Främjandet) which in this case means that is is free of charge and that you have show up at least one of the three first times. No teachers are present. We learn from each other. The idea is to practice what have been learned from courses or from clips, DVD:s etc.

Where: Elsas House (Elsa Brännströms gata 3 Linköping, www.elsashus.com) we will be some where in the house so ask in the cafe if can not find us.
When: start 18th February 19:00 to 21:00 (NOTE that the previous date (28th) was WRONG)
Questions: please call 070-3613768

Best Regards,
Gunnar Svärd and Olle Cedersund